Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mon Dieu! 18 Road Kills!

Hello, everybody who's visiting my blog! I'm alive! I survived the three-day drive through the amazing dry arid desert known as the beautiful Nullarbor Desert aka the Nullarbor! I started off from Perth Victoria Park in one of the Ford Motor Company's latest car model -- still too tired to recall what the model is, will add in later -- and drove and drove, almost like my fave Canuck singer, celine Dion's song lyrics "I drove all night ...". Yeah, don't try this fellas if you have a fear of the unknown! The owner of the expensive vehicle was a total stranger and it would turn out later that he had so many past over- speeding tickets that he said "I can't remember how many!" That meant I had to do most of the driving while he snoozed! Jeez, day driving was a breeze along the mighty fine roads that were pretty winding in many areas but night driving was hell! Most, if not most of the rural roads did not have street lights! Don't worry though if you're ever attempting this feat, the reflectors on the roads were abundant and helped lots whenever the car lights hit them!

So it was great--who wouldn't enjoy driving a brand new largest Aussie car dealer John Hughes' Ford vehicle from Perth to Sydney? Just push the button on "cruise control" and enjoy the fast ride! Then when we reached the awesome Nullarbor Desert ... OMIGOD! I couldn't sleep staring in awesome wonder at how vast a desert it was! I could see small trees at first and then all I could see were yellowish land without any trees! Then there was this huge clear sign that said we were on Australia's longest straight road!!! Wow! Could I resist speeding over the 110km/hour speed limit? Ah, I won't answer that but all of my Miri buddies know I don't over speed or break the traffic laws ... However, my wealthy manager co-driver assured me that in Australia, there would be areas where overspeeding the speed limits are permitted if there are not posted anywhere!

So what could I have missed if I were sitting in the great Indian Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide? Wow! I would have missed the fresh cold air and the blazingly bright sunlight, the stench of road kills, the sight of over 18 bloody dead young kangaroos on the roads, dirty ugly vultures plucking away at their corpses, having the meals of their lives ... and the killing of a cute young rabbit as our car struck it just as it was about to reach our lft side of the road! Then there was the incredible view of the Pacific Ocean as we reached past Western Australia into South Australia ...

To be continued

Encounter with WA Cops
Encounter with SA Cops!
My change of destination from Adelaide to Sydney
The amazing Sydney City
The Red Lights of Sydney!

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