Monday, December 13, 2010

Perth to Sydney in 52 Hours

... and it was done by car!
We actually started off late and left at around 5 pm. I had to wait six hours for the car owner to show up and when he did, his front right wheel hit the curb accidentally, leaving permanent scrap marks! At that time, he did not tell me he was the owner of the vehicle!

Another creepy thing about driving along Aussie roads was to see many white wooden crosses strung along many roads. These were testimony to the many fatal accidents in these places. Having had extra-sensory experiences before, I could feel the presence of these souls whose lives were cut short ... sometimes due to their follies but at other times they were innocently killed by drink drivers. What surprised me most was the absence of crosses along Australia's longest straight road in the Nullibor Plain as the temptation to overspeed was there! Apparently, the cops have been doing a good job there!

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