Thursday, January 20, 2011

Female Circumcision

I was listening to my favorite radio station (Hint: Easy listening!) today, and there was some talk about an upcoming movie about a Somali girl who becomes a successful model and edured female circumcision in her young life.
This made me recall that I had an official Malaysian gov't news agency pic of that religious Islamic procedure in modern day Malaysia. Is it propaganda or was it like any other minor surgery? Could that girl be so relaxed? Personally, I think it is not hard to imagine the excruciating pain of it all after the surgery.

Am I against the procedure for females? I would unhesistantly say "Yes", having read up on it.
My understanding of female circumcision is that the girl's most sensitive pleasurable organ, the clitoris is snipped off. Man, that sounds painful! Anyone who knows a woman will see the horror of having that off ... Of course, she's still capable of vaginal orgasms but tragically, the circumcised woman will never exerience clitoral orgasms ... I also doubt she will be capable of being turned on in any way! It is barbaric to mutilate and unjust for anyone to deprive the human rights of another person and in particular, her own body.

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