Friday, January 21, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

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Dear Rabbit,
According to the the Chinese Zodiac, you're supposed to rule the world when February 2nd comes. As expected it will be a good year for some.
I can only pray it will be a good year once again for me, though the signs indicate it will be tough for us rats! How true will that be? We shall see ...
Has there been a premonition of misfortune, bad luck or unpleasantries heading my direction? Well, I recall when we were in the vehicle heading towards Sydney, it struck --with a soft plob--one of you cute little bunnies but it was the silly bugger's fault--it dashed across the road when were cruising at 110 km/hour ... and besides, I was not driving the car! (and I was not driving the car when it killed a bird as well!)
Anyway, in repentence, here's my humble rabbit tribute to the wisdom of your species. May I be forgiven and may boundless fortune and luck befall me in your Year of the Rabbit.

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