Thursday, November 15, 2007

Congratulations, Iran!

Congratulations, Iran! You've crossed the Bush Administration's red line by technically mastering uranium enrichment, having achieved production up to the 3,000 centrifuge benchmark...The latest report comes from the chief inspector of the UN watchdog...

US Generals: "If the White House takes military action it will trigger a devastatingly Iranian
backlash in the Middle East and beyond."

Russia : "Iran will clinch a deal in the next few weeks as other parts of IAEA report shows
Tehran had been cooperating with the inspectors on other matters."

Iran : "Nay, we're not keen to produce a nuclear device at all... Bye, George. We crossed your red line ...Wars costing trillions of bucks is no laughing matter...The cowboy High Noon showdown is over... Come January 2009, retire in peace from the world stage ..."

Israel's Larry Derfner, Jerusalem Post:

"The most dangerous course of action would be to bomb Iran, but I realize very clearly that not bombing Iran isn't going to leave the world safe. The forces of militant Islam are the nemesis of our age, whether they get nuclear weapons one day or remain with the biological, chemical and conventional weapons they have today. It's going to take courage to overcome this enemy, but it's going to take wisdom, too."

I wonder if Iran is ever gonna regret doing this action as depicted below to humanity, against overwhelming world opinion opposing its nuclear ambitons...

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